Principles of using cookies

What are cookies?

Just like majority of webpages you visit, (YOUJAM, s.r.o., Cimburkova 916/8, Praha 3 130 00, IČ: 07669496) ('Jamujam') uses cookies. Cookies are small pieces of data downloaded and stored on your computer in order to enhance your impression of a website. Here we describe what kind of information they gather, how we use them and why we sometimes need to store these cookies. We also share how you can prevent cookies from storing. However, this may lead to a reduction of or a 'damage' of certain elements of the webpage functionality.

If you want to read more about cookies in general, you can find more information in this article Wikipedia about cookies.

How Jamujam uses cookies

We want you to have the best experience here on Jamujam, thus we recommend you to allow cookies (on your PC, mobile phone or tablet) when wisiting our web. If you disable cookies, there are elements on Jamujam that will not be functioning properly and you will find out that Jamujam suddenly offers less music for you to enjoy and that listening to this music is a lonely experience. You can find more information below in section 'Disabling cookies'.

Cookies that we set

Account management: If you create an account on Jamujam, cookies will be used to manage log-in and registration processes and also for purposes of general management. Cookies also allow you to browse new pages without a need of logging-in each time. Most of the Jamujam functionalities will be working only when you are logged-in.

User's preferences cookies: We use cookies for the purposes of storing your webpages preferences and to verify whether you are a registered user. Some of these cookies are placed regardless of whether you are logged-in to your account.

Survey: We would like to give our users an opportunity to express themselves through surveys and questionnaires so we can keep improving Jamujam and implementing other useful tools for you and to understand you more. These surveys may be using cookies in order for us to remember who already participated in the survey.

If you provide details via a form or a contact page - cookies may be implemented to store your user details for future correspondence.

third-party cookies

In some particular instances we may use cookies provided by credible third parties. In this section you will find out which third-party tcookies you can find on Jamujam.


We use third-party analytics tools, like Google Analytics, to help us measure traffic and usage trends. These tools help us understand how people use Jamujam and help us find ways to improve your experience. Monitoring time you spend on our website and pages you visit can, for example, help us ensure you are always provided with the most relevant content. Using these cookies we or our third-party providers will not collect any personal data, it is no information that identifies you or that might identify you.
You can find more information about Google Analytics cookies by clicking this link.


Displaying advertisements throughout our webpages helps us finance their operation, development and maintenance, and also to provide Jamujam to you to use. To personalise the advertisements you see we use third-party advertising services, like DoubleClick, and we avoid displaying advertisements you have already seen. When visiting third-party webpages that are not directly related to Jamujam you can also notice redirection and Jamujam advertisements due to implemented cookies from when you were within Jamujam ecosystem. These cookies will not be storing any of your personal identification data.

You can find more information about DoubleClick services and its functionalities here.

Other third parties:

From time to time we test new functionalities and we implement subtle changes in a way we deliver our webpages. While testing new functionalities third-party cookies may be used to ensure that you receive consistent experience on Jamujam and at the same time we ensure our understanding of which new features our users like the most.

Social media:

In some cases we may provide you with our own content depending on what information you share with us - directly or indirectly - by connecting your social media account. These types of cookies allow us to provide you with the kind of content we suppose may interest you.

On this webpage we also use social network buttons and / or accessories that allow you to connect to your social network in various ways. In order for it to happen many social network webpages - including Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Twitter etc. - via our webpage implement cookies that may be used to improve your profile on their webpage or to add to the data they store for various purposes stated in relevant personal data protection regulations.

Disabling cookies

You can disable cookies changing settings in your web browser (section 'Help' in your browser should tell you how to do it). However, be advised that deactivation of cookies will have an impact on functioning of this and other webpages you visit. Disabling cookies usually results in deactivation of certail functions.

For example if you disable cookies:

You will not be able to log in to Jamujam, On Jamujam you will not be able to create music, On Jamujam you will not be albe to collaborate, You will not be able to generate reactions or comments.

We hope we managed to make some things about cookies clear. You can get the best experience on Jamujam allowing cookies. If you still need more information, you can contact us here:

You can also use this e-mail address if you wish to know which of your personal data we store or if you wish to exercise your rights to correct, delete or block your personal data.